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Dog Care Shock Collar: Balancing Controversy and Canine Well-being

A dog belongs to the animal kingdom called mammal. It is a carnivorous animal which means that these canines mainly prefer meat as their food source. This group of animals gathers energy and nutrients by consuming other organisms. They can adapt to hunting and capturing other animals to fulfill their requirement of nutrients and food.

Over the past few generations, dogs have become one of the most preferred pets among families. They prove to be a very obedient companion and often called as a man’s best friend. They are used for different purposes for families around the world. Some people adopt them for keeping as companions, some keep them as guard dogs, some want dogs for search after being trained properly. These are intelligent beings who can be trained to fulfill a particular purpose. They serve multiple roles while living among humans. As mentioned earlier, they are pets, working dogs and even service dogs. While they are kept as pets, they prove to be extremely loyal to their masters or owners and even their family members. They also provide emotional support to their owners as and when required. Along with being trained for hunting and being guard digs, they can be trained to be kept for herding and even assisting people with disabilities. These pets support their masters or other humans around them to relieve stress and anxiety by engaging them in their playfulness.

It is believed that dogs were domesticated from wolves as both species have a lot of resemblance among them. Now the dogs have become one of the most previous and preferred species of pets. The dogs are available around the world in different sizes and shapes, all of the types of dogs have different temperament and breed. Every single breed has its own characteristics. Let’s look at some of the most of common breeds of dogs adopted by humans:

Types of Most Popular dogs:

There are different types of dogs which are preferred to be adopted by families around the world. The popularity and preference of the pet dog depends on the popularity of a particular breed in a certain region. Let’s have a look at some of the popular breeds of dogs which are popular among the adopted pet dogs around the world.

1.Labrador Retriever:

This breed of dogs is popular among families for their friendly nature, intelligence and versatility. They are often adopted as pets by families and sometimes they are kept as services dogs or therapy dogs. Their availability is not limited to a particular region or geographical location as they can be found anywhere in the world.   

These dogs are lovable and friendly beings who get along with families easily. Since they are intelligent, it is easy to train them and tame as per your preference. They are capable enough to be trained and are very intelligent. They are obedient in every role they are put in an are very disciplined. Labradors come from a background of strong hunting heritage due to this they are very popular among hunters and enthusiasts.

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are extremely loyal to their owners and loyalty is their key characteristic. Their intellectual ability makes them stand out from other breeds of dogs. They are often adopted by police for search and rescue and as service dogs.

These dogs can be found in any place around the world. They are most famous among departments of police and rescue team due to their strong instincts. They have keen sense of smell, agility and ability to work in multiple terrains which increases their value. They are often kept as guard dogs for guarding the cattle or herds. Their intellectual ability and strong work ethic make them suitable for this particular job where people adopt them to be kept as guard dogs for their cattle. Their popularity has increased over the years due to their positive portrayal by media.

3. Golden Retriever

These dogs have a gentle demeanor and have a friendly attitude towards their owners. This is why they are preferred and often adopted as pet dogs. They are often used in therapy work and are very intelligent beings. They are famous among families due to being affectionate, having a tolerant nature and being good with families especially the ones which include children. These dogs are intelligent and quick learners so it becomes easy to train them according to the need. They are sometimes used as guide dogs for blind or visually impaired people. They are also kept by organization for search and rescue operation for missing people or belongings.

4. Bulldog

These dogs have a distinctive appearance and are known for their calm demeanor. They are mostly kept as indoor dogs and due to their high body mass. They have low level of activity due to which even though they are bigger in size, they can be accommodated indoors. They can also be commonly found anywhere around the world.

5. Beagle

Beagles are extremely friendly and curious animals. They have a good sense of detection and are chosen by families to be adopted as pets only, not as working or guard dogs. Beagles are cherished by their owners due to their energetic and playful nature. They are small in size and have a sturdy build. When they become excited, they make a sound which is similar to a howl. Originally these types of dogs were used for hunting small animals, for example, hare.

6. Poodle

Poodle dogs are available in multiple sizes including miniature, small and medium sized. They are extremely cute and fluffy dogs. They are preferred by people who need to experience companionship and they can carry the pet along with them wherever they go. The Poodle connects really well with their adopted families and bring love and affection along with them wherever they go.

7. French Bulldog

These dogs have an appearance which is similar to a bull dog but in a relatively small size. These dogs are known for their affectionate nature and are famous due to having small bat like ears. These dogs prove to be best companions if the adopting family is looking for a pet who would serve more like a companion to them.

8. Boxer

Boxers are energetic, loyal and have a playful nature. These dogs are extremely gentle. People and families choose them as pets because these dogs get along well with children and other people around. They have high level of energy due to which they keep their owners engaged with them either while they go out for walk or play. They enjoy a very strong bond with their owners and have a natural protective instinct. They are extremely vigilant and alert, which allows them to sense the danger quickly than other breeds of dogs.

9. Dachshund

These dogs have an adorable appearance. They are often called ‘wiener dogs’ or ‘sausage dogs’ due to their long body and short legs. Once you see a dog from this breed, you would instantly fall in love with them. These dogs have a curious and independent personality and they often portray themselves as confident beings. Once important factor is that you need to make sure that you train your Dachshund well to ensure that they become well-mannered and well-behaved in new and strange environments.

10. Shih Tzu

As the name suggests, these dogs have an ancient Chinese origin. They were originally bred in Tibet and spread further into China. They have distinctive appearance and have luxurious double coat with a cute pushed face. They are friendly and have an affectionate nature. They form strong bonds with their owners and their families. Their coat doesn’t shed and they enjoy being around the families in which they are adopted.

Caring for a Pet Dog

Now that you have enough information regarding dogs which can be adopted as pets. Let’s have a look at some of the things which would help you care for your pet dog. Taking Dog Care Shock Collar of a pet involves their mental, physical and emotional well being along with their happiness. Some of the pointers to ponder over while caring for your pet are:

a. Nutrition

It is important to note down the history of the dog breed you wish to adopt. This is necessary as different breeds have a preferred requirement of nutrients to be fed. Usually it is essential for you to ensure that your pet is fed a wholesome food which includes balance of all types of nutrients. The required nutrients are, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and some amount of calories for them to grow healthy.

b. Regular Veterinary Care and monitoring health

While you choose to adopt a particular dog, make sure you have taken enough data about their heredity and genetic history. This helps you to monitor your pet’s health and to be able to observe any unusual activity related to their health. You should take them to a reputed veterinarian for regular checkup and get them vaccinated. Maintain a file to keep their health record which would be helpful if you wish to travel with them to some other place and can help to observe any problems with their condition.

c. Exercise

If you have adopted a dog which is larger in build, you need to ensure to take them out for regular walks and exercise. Their larger structure required a lot of stretching and it makes their muscles relaxed. If the pet is a small one, they would require more space to play and enjoy. Get toys which would stimulate their mental health.

d. Training

Some dogs are intelligent but are stubborn too. Even though they understand when you tell them to do something, still you have to train them properly to act in a certain manner. Regular reinforcement is important for the basic manners to be follows along with the basic instruction like sit and stand.

e. Socialization

Take your pet dog to new places so they become comfortable around strange environments and people. You should keep in mind that if the dog doesn’t feel comfortable around new environments and people, it will be troublesome for you if you expose them to such a situation suddenly. Take them to pet communities so they get a chance to interact with other dogs and their owners.

f. Providing Mental Stimulation

Dogs tend to become bored easily so to avoid that, expose them to environments which would be of interest to them. Get them toys which would stimulate their mental health and can help them to become more active and energetic.

g. Companionship

Dogs usually requires affection in return of their friendly demeanor and loyalty. Make sure to spend a lot of time with your pet and strengthen the companionship between yourself and the pet. Indulge in activities which allow you to spend more time with them.

h. Identification

Make sure your dog wears a collar with proper identification in them. This may include your number or a little something which would help people to identify them. You can also choose to insert a microchip in the collar which can be helpful if the dog is lost.

Importance of Dog Care Shock Collar & Controversy around it

Shock collars are also known as electronic collars which is a latest technology used by the dog owners. These are mainly used by the owners to modify the dog’s behavior in a certain situation as it releases an electric stimulus around the dog’s neck. These collars are beneficial but they also face a lot of controversy on their usage. These collars are used as training tools mostly. Let’s look at all the details associated with the Shock collar:

  1. Someone people believe that shock collars are extremely useful if used with properly positive reinforcement and not to harm the dog.
  2. Sometimes the owners also misuse this tool to harm the dogs physically which leads to their psychological harm as well.
  3. Over here when we talk about positive reinforcement. It means that the owner desires to achieve a certain goal of making their pet well behaved. The owner uses it to train them and follow the basic instructions.
  4. A lot of people use it as a punishment for their pets to tame them or push them to have well. It is important for the owners that before they choose to use the shock collar, they should receive proper training. They should know the ethical means to use the shock collar and know the physical and mental impact it might have on the dog. They should seek for the legislation to use that device so that it is put to usage under legal acts. Even though it has some benefits, many people think it is against the humanity or the respect for the living organism. This is harmful for the mental and physical health of the dog. What do you think? If you want to learn about more tools, click on the following link 

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