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Exploring the Different World of Pitbulls in Mexico

Exploring the Different World

Pitbulls in Mexico is the name given to dogs with similar characteristics with respect to their physical traits. The types of Pitbull dogs which come under this category are; American Pitbull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and sometimes the American Bulldog. As emphasized earlier, the Pitbull is not a particular breed, instead it is a term used to refer to the dogs which have specific physical traits and share similar hereditary background as well. It collectively refers to the mentioned dog breeds or Terriers, American and Staffordshire.

The main characteristics of these dogs which are referred to as ‘Pitbull’ are that they have:

  • A strong muscular build
  • Possess a short coat
  • Have a strong jaw and
  • Their overall appearance is mostly athletic.

On first glance, it gives you the impression of a very strong and muscular large breed of dog. It has a massive structure which stands it out in front of other dog types. These dogs are popular due to their intelligence, they are loyal to their masters and have strong work ethics. Originally, the initial breeds of these dogs were used for bull baiting and later on were used a farm or guardian dogs as well to provide safety to the livestock. As these dogs have a strong build and appearance, they have extreme physical strength and due to their history associated with dog fighting; the initial impression of the breeds is that they are horrific and under controversy breeds.

Even though they are strong and have extreme physical strength which they can demonstrate easily, the behavior of a particular dog is influenced by several factors. These factors are:

  • Genetics
  • Training
  • Socialization
  • Association with the Owner

If they are provided proper care, they can be tamed and be made sociable. They adjust to the environment they are placed in, if they are exposed to violent surroundings, the behavior of the Pitbull would be aggressive most of the time. However; if they are properly trained and cared for, along with being exposed to a peaceful environment then they behave more calmly and intelligently. To ensure that your dog or any pet acts well-behaved and becomes a sociable pet, you have to train them properly and ensure to reinforce those basic manners. Reinforcement is important for the pets to become habitual of the basic instructions being taught to them. Do not let the controversies associated with the history of dogs referred to as Pitbull dog breeds and tame them according to your needs and requirements. With a little effort and guidance, you can be sure that your pet would become responsible, well behaved and gets along the strange environments comfortably. Expose them to different environments so they learn to adapt to the new environments and around new people so they do not act aggressively.

Pitbulls in Mexico’s Geographical Presence

You can find Pitbull type dogs in several locations around the world as now they can be found anywhere in the world easily. Over the decades, these breeds have become extremely popular in various countries for several purposes including hunting, farming, being used as guardian dogs and adopted as companion animals. You would find American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier easily in the United States. You would find these dogs in both rural and urban areas, people like keeping them as both working dogs and family dogs, however; you should note that you might not find them somewhere or find them in abundance in another area. As the breed’s availability highly depends on the popularity in that particular geographical area.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the breed which is popular in the United Kingdom and people there mostly refer to this dog type as ‘Staffy’. This is a shortened term used from the original breed of the dog. These dogs are medium-sized and have a muscular build keeping the original physical characteristic of the Pitbull. This breed originated from the Staffordshire in United Kingdom which is why it is given the name. They are adopted by people in both rural and urban areas in the United Kingdom. They were originally used for ‘dog fighting’ in the 19th century, however; over the areas their roles have evolved and now they are mostly used as companion dogs or guard dogs.

Pitbulls in Mexico explore each of them in detail:

1. Companions

A lot of people prefer to adopt the Pitbull dogs as pets for their family. The reason is that these dogs can prove to be extremely affectionate, loyal and they are usually very good around children. So, people with children prefer these dogs as they have strong protective instincts as well. They prove to be adorable pets when trained properly and made sociable by exposing to various environments and settings from a very small age.

2. Guardians

As these dogs have strong physical traits and have a muscular build along with having protective instincts. They are proven to be suitable for keeping as guardians for houses, farms and even livestock. So, people looking to adopt an animal to provide security along with being a good companion, they usually prefer this dog type.

3. Working Dogs

Since they first originated, they have been preferred to be kept as working dogs on farms to perform multiple tasks. Even though their roles have evolved over the decades, people still prefer to keep them as working dogs due to their intelligence and quick grasp to learn newly assigned tasks.

4. Rescue and Rehab

As mentioned earlier in this article that since these dogs are often misunderstood and a lot of misconceptions are attached with them. They are sometimes abandoned by their owners and left on the streets to survive due to the stereotypical aspects attached to them. For this purpose, different rescue and rehabilitations centers and organization work to rescue these abandoned animals and provide them new homes. Along with this, they work hard to change the public’s opinion about them by running campaigns and informing people about the misconceptions attached to this particular breed.

5. Search & Rescue – Law enforcement

These dog breeds are extremely intelligent beings and they prove to act quick while being trained in a particular manner. Due to their quick grasp to understand the newly taught rules, they are often preferred to be hired as search and rescue dogs. They are properly trained to perform their duties in the new role and then put into the field to work along the other officers. Their good sense of smell, agility and ability to be trained easily makes them the most suitable breeds for this purpose.

It is important to note that while you plan to adopt a Pitbull breed, you have to be extremely cautious. Be cautious in their training and reinforcement. Ensure that you care for them and be alert to notice any abnormal behavior if you every come across a situation which is unlikely or out of ordinary.

Pitbulls in Mexico

Mexico is a democratic federal republic. It has a presidential system of government where the president of republic is the head of the state along with being the head of the government as well. It is situated in Latin America and famous for its variation in geographical aspects including deserts, mountains, tropical rainforests and coastlines. It possesses a rich cultural heritage, the culture is rich in arts, music, literature, cuisine and traditional celebrations. Mexico is a popular destination for tourists to visit for site seeing of the historical places, beautiful beaches and their cultural diversity. It has a diverse population including people belonging to Europe, Africa and even Asia, however; the most common language or rather you can say that the official language being spoken in Mexico is Spanish.

People living in Mexico prefer variety of pets to be adopted, which includes, dogs, cats, fish, birds, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians depending on their liking and preference. The most common one among them being the dogs. The popular dog breeds found in this country are Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Boxer, French Bulldog, Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever and Pomeranian. Pitbull dog breeds are also found to be popular among the owners which prefer this particular dog type.

Pitbulls in Mexico are exposed to various environments and lifestyles of the owners belonging to different backgrounds. The type of the environment they are exposed to highly depends on the area as well, either being in the urban or the rural area. Let’s look at a few situations which they have to experience while being adopted by an owner living in Mexico;

a) Urban environment

Urban environment in every country or area can be imagined being an extremely busy place. This is the same in Mexico, the dogs being exposed to this environment would experience crowded streets, various smells and engaging with diverse group of people in their surroundings. They may be exposed to various traffic sounds or other sounds like construction work, machinery etc. The environment can majorly range from being an extremely crowded metropolitan geographical region to being a small town or city.

b) Rural environment

In rural area, you would usually find farms and open spaces along with field and communities being situated in countryside. It is the same in Mexico, the dogs are kept as working or farm dogs to protect the livestock and guard the houses from any danger.

c) Cultural celebrations

As Mexico is rich in culture, they celebrate various festivals as well. Due to this, they Pitbulls in Mexico are exposed to various sounds and are familiar with variety of decorations in their surroundings. They are comfortable with the celebrations and loud sounds during the celebrations of these festivals like ‘Day of the Dead’, ‘Cinco De Mayo’, Independence Day being called as ‘Grito de Dolores’, ‘Feria Nacional de San Marcos’ etc. As the owners indulge in all types of celebration activities, the dogs accompany their owners and adapt to the bustling life of Mexico while celebrating their festivals which are the part of the diverse culture.

d) Climate

The Pitbulls in Mexico are exposed to the climate which varies from region to region. Dogs which are adopted by owners living around the coastal areas are kept in warm temperatures while the ones adopted by owners living in mountainous area have to adapt to the cooler temperature. Not all dog breeds can cater to the diverse range of climatic conditions in Mexico, so before an owner plans to adopt a pet. They have to go through the specific characteristics of the pet and then decide to adopt them. As if the pet cannot survive in those climatic conditions, it can prove to be risky for both the pet and the owners.

e) Street Dogs

Mexico like many other countries deals with the situations of having a large number of strays or street dogs. These dogs may be there by being abandoned by their owners due to health conditions or several other reasons. The dogs living on the streets live a challenging life as well including having a lack of proper care, grooming, training, they are exposed to hunger and various diseases by not being placed into safe and clean environments.

f) Interaction with other living organisms:

Whether a Pitbull in Mexico is living in Urban settings or in the Rural settings, they are bound to be exposed to a wide range of humans and other living beings. So, they adapt to the surrounding easily and quickly. They learn to become social and are comfortable around the new environments and strangers which makes them non-anxious. Due to being exposed to a large number of human populations, they are loved, care for and groomed while being properly trained by their owners. They are provided with safe and clean environments with shelter and a whole nutritious meal to become healthy. Their health conditions are monitored due to the owners being extra careful for their pet’s well-being.

It is very important to notice that the Pitbulls in Mexico are exposed to variety of different world and situations depending on the area they live in and the environment they are exposed to. If you wish to gather more information regarding pets, click on the following link and if you wish to travel to Mexico with your pet dog, then click on the link to learn more about the essential details: 

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