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Happy Cat Food: Unraveling the Science behind Feline Joy and Nutrition

Cats are one of the most adorable and preferred breeds of pets’ people like to adopt. Their beautiful and captivating eyes make you fall in love with them. They playful nature and energetic self makes you engage with them. Adopting a cat as a pet bring immense joy to the owner and their families. It also provides you with endless companionship. If you wish to bring a cat as a pet to your home, you should keep in mind that you are welcome a feline friend into your home which would be rewarding and fulfilling. Petting a cat would allow you to feel comfortable and release stress whenever you feel depressed and worried. Having a cat as pet is influenced by certain factors, let’s explore some of these factors:

1. Companionship

Cats are popular for being adopted as pets as they are extremely affectionate and have an independent nature. A lot of families adopt cats just because they are in need to have a loving companion in their home. If you have a cat as a companion at your place, you would feel more comfortable and would not feel lonely at any time.

2. Low Maintenance

A lot of pets require maintenance. People have to spend a lot of their grooming and care, however; cats are quite low maintenance pets. They are easy to be trained and they can groom themselves, learn to use a litter box and mostly are independent learners. This fact is due to the cats being extremely intelligent which allows them to take decisions themselves. They are often moody as well so you have to treat them carefully while ensuring that you do not hurt their feelings.

3. Health Benefits

When a human interacts with cats, they in turn get a lot of benefits from them. The association between a human and a cat can lead to reduced stress, controlled blood pressure and improved mood. The exercise of petting the cat fur leads you to become calmer and proves to be therapeutic.

4. Space Considerations

Cats have small builds due to which they can adapt to any kind of environment, whether large or small. So even if you live in a small apartment with very less outdoor space, you qualify to adopt a cat as a pet.

5. Entertainment

Cats are usually playful and entertaining animals. Their nature and adorable personalities add happiness to the household they enter. People usually prefer to adopt the cats mainly due to this trait.

6. Rodent Control

Long time ago, people used cats domestically to control pests which includes mice and rats. The practice is not very common nowadays but there are a lot of people who still adopt cats for this specific purpose.

7. Allergies

There are a lot of people who are allergic to the smell of animals or their fur. However; they are not that allergic to cats. In such cases, cats are most preferred animals to be adopted as pets when they do not have any other choice.

8. Rescue and Adoption

Sometimes people who adopt a cat do not bring it to their home for the purpose of companionship. Many times, the purpose is to provide home to a homeless cat present at rescue or adoption centers. This act does not only lead to a kind act done to the cat community but it also reduces the number of stray or abandoned animals.

9. Personal Preferences & Family Traditions

Sometimes, families or personal preferences play a significant role in making a decision to adopt a pet. Many people like to adopt new born puppies or kittens to bring to their household but there are certain situations where people prefer to have grown up animals.

When people decide to adopt a cat, there can be one, many or all of the above-mentioned factors. So, you can always choose what’s best according to your preference while adopting a pet for your household.

Where to find the perfect breed of Dogs?

Now that you understand the reasons why someone would wants to adopt a cat as a pet, let’s see where you can find an adorable cat to be adopted. Here are some of the places you can find them:

i. Animal shelters and rescue organizations

The animal shelters and rescue organizations have a variety of cats which you can choose from. They keep looking for homeless cats and other animals and provide them a temporary home until someone adopts them. The cats are available in different sizes, ages, personalities and breeds.

ii. Pet adoption events

There are a few communities which organize events where people can socialize. The local animal shelters and rescue organizations also take part in such events and showcase the animals they have. This allows other people to have a look at the animals in need of a home and adopt them.

iii. Breed-Specific Rescues

There are a few people who have a clear focus of what kind of breed they want to adopt. If you are not able to find your desired breed in the local organizations or centers, you should visit breed-specific rescue organizations. These places have a focus group of animals which they provide shelter to so they can be taken care of by people who require that particular breed of animal.

iv. Pet Stores

You can even visit the local pet store. They also do the rescue operations at times and provide shelter to the homeless creatures. These animals can also be the ones abandoned by the households where they once lived. The pet stores would not only be able to provide you with the specific pet but also be able to provide you with the accessories or food they would require to be fed.

Whatever organization or agency you contact to adopt a cat pet, make sure to check their paper work that it is complete. The paper work includes their identification documents, their origin, their breed specification and even the hereditary information. This information helps you to take better care of your pet once you bring them home.

Caring for your CAT Pet

Now I’m sure you have already decided to adopt a cat pet and make it a part of your family. Let’s learn a little about how to take care of your cat:

1.Providing nutritious meals

For your pet to be comfortable in your place, it is important for you to provide high quality meal. Make sure that the place you buy the food from should have a good reputation. The food should be high on vitamins and minerals which are suitable for your pet.

2. Regular Veterinary Care

When you have a pet, one of the top priorities should be its health. You have to look for a reputable veterinarian. Take your pet cat for regular checkup to the vet and get them vaccinated as and when required. Ensure to keep a medical record to monitor the pet’s health.

3. Safe Environment

As you plan to bring a playful and energetic pet to your place, make sure to remove anything that can prove to be a potential hazard for the pet. Cover the switches and anything with sharp edges so the cat doesn’t get hurt. You should also prepare a separate quiet space for the cat to relax and retreat.

4. Litter Box Cleanliness

Cats like to be neat and clean so make sure that you empty and clean up their litter box every day.  Also, make sure that the litter box is placed in an isolated place where the cat feels comfortable to use it and doesn’t feel anxious.

5. Enrichment and Play

Make yourself available for the cat, this stimulates their mental and physical health. Buy several toys for them which would enhance their mental stimulation and help them to stay entertained.

6. Grooming

Cats are adorable and at the same time they are extremely moody. You should make sure that they are cleaned up regularly. You have to brush their fur on daily basis so it doesn’t become matt or doesn’t shed. Regular grooming also includes cleaning their earns, trimming their nails and have keen observation to notice any health issues they might show at any time.

7. Identification

Make sure that you make your cat wear an identification in the form of an information card worn along with the collar. You can also insert a microchip in their collar so if they ever get lost, you would be able to find them easily. The contact card or microchip should have your contact details so whoever finds the contact can be able to find you and bring the cat to where it belongs.

8. Socialization

You should take some quality time out for your cat and take them our for walks or play time in the garden. This would lead to a strengthened bond between you and your cat. You can take the cat to the nearest pet communities where you and your pet would get a chance to meet other people. This will expose the cat to new and unfamiliar environments leading them to become more comfortable around unusual situations and surroundings.

9. Monitoring Behavior

You should keep a close eye on your cat. Notice any changes in their behavior, eating habit or the use of its litter box. If you notice such issues, it might be an indication of a health issue. In case your cat is facing a health problem, deal with it patiently and calmly. Make sure to show that you care and you are there whenever the cat needs you.

10. Provide Scratching Posts

Cats are such animals which like to scratch surfaces of other objects. Buy some materials which your cat would prefer and can use to satisfy the urge to scratch whenever they need to. This will release anxiety and stress while also making their claws healthy.

11. Regular Exercise

Allow your cat to be able to enjoy a lot of physical activity. Engage them in interactive games and toys which would stimulate their brain activity.

By following the above factors, you would be providing a friendly and happy cat food environment. Paying keen attention to your cat’s needs and wants would make your relationship stronger and would make you a caring and responsible cat owner.

Best CAT Food

Now that you understand how to take care of your cat and strengthen your bond with them. Next thing which you should consider is the nutrients that you provide to your cat and how do they impact the cat’s health. The food that you provide to your cat should have the following minerals:

a. Protein

Cats need a higher percentage of protein in their regular diet. Buy the food from a reputable place and make sure that what you are feeding your cat has a high-quality of protein in it.

b. Fat

Fats are a great source of energy for all the living organisms. The food that you plan to feed to your cat should include a moderate or balanced amount of fat content in it.

c. Carbohydrates

Cats do not need a high percentage of carbohydrates so whatever you feed them, make sure it doesn’t include a high level of carbohydrates in it.

d. Vitamins & Minerals

The food you feed to your cat should have a reasonable number of vitamins and minerals included in their diet.

Whatever you buy or feed to your cat, make sure that it is of high quality and it doesn’t have any harmful additives. It should be suitable for your cat, specifically their breed, health and lifestyle. Make sure that their diet includes a balanced amount of healthy nutrients. Now let’s have a look at a few popular food products available for cats in the market:

I. Dry Cat food aka Kibble

The dry food is suitable if it is not to be consumed readily. You can keep it for longer period of time as it has a longer shelf life. These types of foods promote the dental health of cats by chewing. Look for a high-quality kibble so it has balanced nutrients required by the cats to grow.

II. Canned Cat Food aka Wet food

Wet cat food is available in various flavors in the market. Their high level of moisture caters to the hydration element for the cat as well. As cats do not really like to drink a lot of water, so the moisture in these types of foods allow the cat of have the water requirement fulfilled in the body.

III. Semi-Moist cat food

This type of cat food lies between the dry and canned foods. It has a moderate amount of moisture in it and is available as single serving in the form of small packets or pouches.

IV. Raw or Homemade snacks

Some cat owners do not trust the quality of foods available in the market. So, they like to make snacks for their cats themselves. If you plan to make the food for your cat yourself, make sure to use balanced amount of nutrients for their healthy growth. Prepare the snack as per your cat’s preferences and considering their health conditions.

If you wish to gather more information related to the cat food, click on the following link: and if you wish to explore more about other pets and their breeds, you can visit this link: 

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