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Male Yorkie Haircuts: Stylish Grooming Ideas for Your Yorkie Boy

your furry companion, you are at the right place. Believe it or not, style grooming for Yorkies is as simple as it can be. Start with choosing a haircut that adds to their charm. Now, that may seem a little daunting considering the long list of choices available. But don’t worry, we will sort it out together as the article navigates through various male Yorkie haircuts that would elevate your Yorkie boy’s style.
Now, before diving right into it, you need to understand that Yorkshire Terriers have hair and not fur, unlike other breeds. Plus, they don’t shed as much and thus need proper maintaining to avoid reaching the floor length mark. And that can be as quick as a year or two. This information is essential to know when indulging in the world of grooming a Yorkshire Terrier. So, without any further ado, let’s check out what hairstyle is best suited for your Yorkie.

Puppy Cut:

The puppy cut is one of the most practical choices for the Yorkie boys in the realm of shorter hair. Trimmed to about 1 to 2 inches uniformly over the body, it makes grooming easy as a breeze. A slight but popular variation is to leave the hair around the face a bit longer than the body which helps to give a cute, fluffy look.

Why Puppy Cut?

The haircut has a great deal of potential to enhance the adorable nature of the Yorkie canines whilst being functional. And amazingly, the cut is so easy that you could learn it yourself and save on visits to the groomer. Anyways, lets move on to enlisting why puppy cut is a good option:

Say Hello to Tangle Free Hair!

With the right length on the shorter edge, the hair always remain tangle free. There is almost no need to invest in hairbrushes anymore.

Save Money on Shampoo:

Less shampoo consumption is another incredible aspect of the cut. Plus, with the short, manageable hair, it’s also super easy to work the shampoo in your companion’s hair.

Fewer Visits to the Hairdresser:

Lasting up to 10 weeks, the cut is accompanied by less frequent haircuts/trims. This also implies that there will be minimum shedding.

Winning with the Hygiene Element:

The haircut also comes with a good hygienic benefit. The shortness is accompanied by a healthy amount of aeration that reduces matting. What’s more, cleaning the sanitary areas and removing unwanted critters like fleas is a whole lot easier.

Blink your Eye and the Haircut is Done:

For Yorkies who hate to sit idle for a haircut, the Puppy Cut is a quick fix. The uniformity in length helps to save time.

No Worries for the Warm Weather:

The cut is also incredibly efficient in warm weather, allowing just the right amount of air to provide a cooling effect.

Is it the right style for your Yorkie boy?

Now that we know what the cut looks like and all its pros, let’s see if the style will suit your furry friend. Conclusively, if your Yorkie is full of energy and has playful behavior, it’s ideal that you go for male Yorkie hairstyles that are hassle free and the “Puppy Cut” checks all the boxes in this regard.

Teddy Bear Cut:

Moving forward, let’s dive right into the cutest and most adorable haircut you can gift to your Yorkie boy. Beware for you are going to fall in love all over again with your fluffy creature. The haircut starts with trimming the body hair to about 2 to 3 inches and cutting the hair around the face in a circular manner. As the name suggests, the look then imitates those of cuddly teddy bears.

Why Teddy Bear Cut?

The maintenance of the haircut does require frequent visits to the groomers but hey there’s a catch. Every time you look towards your Yorkie boy, you will feel like cuddling them. So, yay for unlimited cuddles. Apart from being cute, the haircut is also super functional. As usual, lets enlist the reasons why it’s a good idea to go for a teddy bear cut:

Adorable, Super Adorable:

While having mentioned multiple times throughout the article, it’s nearly not enough. The haircut is super adorable and adds to the charming personality Yorkies already possess.

Regular but Uncomplicated Maintenance:

With regular bathing and combing, the coat will remain silky and tangle free ensuring a neat look. However, you will need occasional touch ups with the groomers.

Warmth against the Cold:

The haircut is extremely suitable for cold weather as it provides good coverage whilst being manageable. Moreover, the length is also suitable for a healthy aeration.

Goes for all coats:

For either coats, long haired or cottony haired, the Teddy Bear Cut goes well. However, with wavy coats, you might opt for a closer trim around the face.

Is it the right style for your Yorkie boy?

Now that we know what sort of look is achieved with the cut and all its pros, let’s see if the style is the right one for your furball. Conclusively, the Teddy Bear Cut is one of the incredible male Yorkie haircuts if your boy is a cuddly creature with adorable features in a cold weather setting.  

Kennel Cut:

The Kennel Cut is another considerable option in the range of shorter male Yorkie haircuts which is incredibly suitable for summer seasons. The haircut starts with cutting the body hair really short while letting the hair on the face, legs and tail be slightly long. Moreover, the hair around the ears and moustache area are kept at about half an inch. What’s incredible about this style is the trimmed paws that provide all the freedom your active canine craves.

Why Kennel Cut?

The Kennel Cut gives a cleaner and sleeker look to your Yorkie and is highly suitable for beating the summer heat. However, the most incredible part of this deal is the low maintenance it comes with. So, for a super active furball, the cut is amazingly right. So, lets list down the reasons why Kennel Cut should be your pick:

Super Airy:

With the short hair length, the haircut helps provide the right amount of aeration to the canine and thus, let the chances of matting reduce tremendously. Moreover, the length is super cool for the summer heat.

Low Maintenance:

The shorter length is not only a tool against the hot weather but also helps to reduce the combing sessions as there are little to no tangles. Chances are you are even good to go without a comb.

Free Paws:

Trimmed paws for the furballs mean they are free to run and play. This means not only you are getting to style your Yorkie boy with a haircut, but they are as happy as they can be.

Pathway to Hygiene:

The shorter length also means that you have to invest less in hygiene, it naturally comes with it. There are incredibly less chances of clitter getting caught in the Yorkie’s hair and even if they do, it’s incredibly easy to get rid of them. Moreover, even cleaning gets easier with shorter hair.

Is it the right style for your Yorkie boy?

Now that we know what pros the Kennel cut entitles, let’s see if the style is the right one for your adorable canine. Conclusively, the Kennel Cut is one of the right options if your Yorkie is super active, likes to run around without any hurdles and the weather around is warm. What more do you ask for when a cut is as low maintenance as the Yorkie Kennel Cut.

Yorkie Schnauzer Cut

Yeah, you guessed that right. Inspired by the looks of the Schnauzer dog, the cut helps give the Yorkies a bold appearance whilst emphasizing their adorable nature. It is characterized by cutting the body hair short and the hair on the legs and tail longer. Usually, a patch of hair referred to as the “bib” around the chest area is left longer as well. Lastly, the moustache is trimmed into a beard style that adds to the boldness of the cut.

Why Yorkie Schnauzer Cut?

The Yorkie Schnauzer Cut gives a cleaner and bolder look to your Yorkie while maintaining the perfect balance between practical and stylish. While maintenance is a bit consuming, it’s not really that difficult to manage. So, without any further ado, let’s list down the features of the Schnauzer Cut and see which ones call out to you.

Unique Look:

The look, emulating a Schnauzer, is one of a kind for Yorkies which gives a bold edge to their softening nature. And the result is incredibly adorable with no hurdles in the freedom aspect.

Incredible Balance of Style and Comfort:

In the realm of complicated grooming, the Schnauzer Cut sports the right balance between enhancing your adorable furball’s personality and providing a hassle-free haircut. Your Yorkie boy will be quite happy with the level of comfort this cut delivers.


While the maintenance of this cut is slightly difficult, you need to look out for the end result which is too perfect to ignore. You will have to go through regular touch ups with the groomers so that the right length is maintained. Combing is also essential in the regard to avoid matting problems.

Is it the right style for your Yorkie boy?

Now that we have an image built up for the Yorkie Schnauzer Cut and have gone through all its pros and cons, let’s see if the style is the right one for your adorable furball. Conclusively, the Yorkie Schnauzer Cut is an ideal pick for your Yorkie boy if he is sporty and you tend to like bold looks.

Westie Cut:

Westie Cut is one of the unique male Yorkie haircuts that is not so common. So, if you are looking for a distinct one, now you know which one to go for. The haircut gives a boxier shape to the face through layered longer facial hair that evens out at the chin. For the forehead hair, they are either shaved short or are pulled back. The body hair, though, has flexibility and thus, range from short to floor length.

Why Westie Cut?

Inspired by the Westie breed, the Westie Cut gives a distinctive look to the furry canine. The boxy look is incredible to enhance the adorable charm of the Yorkies. While maintaining the look is a bit hassle, the cut delivers a one of a kind look. So, let’s look into what the cut has in house for us:

Adorable and Distinctive Look:

The angled face cut gives a cute look to the already adorable furball. What’s amazing is that it’s a look that not most people go for and thus, if your Yorkie boy sports it, he’s going to get all the limelight.

The Cute Nose Stands Out:

While the hair around the face is trimmed inward, it puts the cutest nose of the canine into focus. While it may sound surprising, the emphasis further enhances the charm of the Yorkie.

Flexible Length:

While length around the face needs to be kept in order, the body hair accounts for greater flexibility. They can be kept in any length ranging from short to long.

Weather Considerations:

While the Westie Cut is meant to be summer style, its longer length may be a hassle if your Yorkie boy is sporty and energetic. However, it’s ideal for canines who like indoors better.

Is it the right style for your Yorkie boy?

Now that we know how the Westie cut works out, let’s see if the style is the right one for your furry companion. Conclusively, the Westie Cut is the way to go for your Yorkie boy if he likes to stay indoors and unique looks inspire you. However, you do need to reconsider if you are a busy parent and can’t manage regular maintenance.


Done with five of the famous and practical hairstyles for Yorkies, let’s walk you through a brief conclusion. When choosing a hairstyle for your male Yorkshire Terrier, its essential to consider factors like your dog’s comfort, activity level, and the climate you live in. Regular grooming and maintenance are fundamental to keep your Yorkie’s coat healthy and looking its best. So, whether you opt for a classic or trendy look, the key is to ensure your furry friend feels happy and confident in their stylish haircut.

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