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Mat Breaker for Cats: Essential Grooming Tool for Tackling Feline Fur Matting

Essential Grooming Tool for Tackling Feline Fur Matting

Adopting a pet is a fun filled and very interesting experience. While you adopt a pet, you do not only have to bring them home to accompany you but you have to take care of the pet too Mat Breaker for Cats. When you bring them home, one of the basic requirements is to make them feel comfortable around you and in your place. Provide them with a space which is allocated to them only, a separate space to sleep, play and stretch when they have to. If the pet doesn’t adjust to your environment and acts aggressively or not as per your expectation, it is best to be patient with them. Let them take their time to adjust to the new environment, adapt to your routine and consider it their own.

As the pet starts to adjust to your routine and your environment, monitor them closely and try to make them relaxed. Do not make the pet feel pressured or isolated. Spend time with your pet and work along your family members to make the pet feel like home. Love your pet and make sure that they are living in a safe and cozy environment. Remove any hazards which can harm the pet and keep the surroundings free of any dangerous substances.

When you adopt a cat as a pet, you should be ready to embrace the following moods and characteristics of your pet:

a. Cats are independent in nature. They do not require your constant attention and keep themselves entertained through various activities.

b. They are extremely affectionate; they enjoy a strong bond with their owners. The cats enjoy cuddling with their owners, purring and in close physical contact with their owners.

c. These pets are very playful and become benefitted from interactive play. They like playing with toys like feather wands, laser pointers and balls that engage their natural hunting instincts. These activities stimulate them mentally and physically both.

d. Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves as they usually like to keep clean fur, their care for the grooming leads to less shedding.

e. It is important for them to have a safe and secure environment. They mark their territory by using the scent glands on their faces and paws.

g. The cats have strong instincts for hunting. Even if they have a full appetite, they would like to engage in games which mimic hunting. Chasing stuff and snatching it. You should make sure to provide your cat with toys that stimulate their hunting instincts.

h. The cats like to interacts and communicate though various ways including vocalization, body language and facial expressions. If you as an owner learn to understand your pet’s signals then you would enjoy an endless and most loveable affectionate relationship.

i. They are indoor pets and adapt to any type of environment they are placed in.

j. Cats like and enjoy a life with a proper routine being followed in daily life. Regularly feed them at a particular time, play with them or take them out for play at the same time. These things would contribute to their well being and help them grow healthy.

Well-Being and Happiness of your CAT

While you adopt your cat and try to understand the pet’s needs and wants, it is important to know how to make them happy. It is also important to ensure the well-being of your cat. TO learn about how to take care of them, let’s look at a few things which are important.

1. Nutritious Needs

While you take care of your pet cat, first and foremost thing is to ensure that you provide them with a highly nutritious meal. Make sure that the meal being provided to them is of high-quality, is freshly made and is suitable for their age, health and weight.  When you choose a particular food for your cat, make sure you understand the major requirements of the particular breed that your own.

Each breed of cat has a distinct requirement of nutrients suitable for them. Proteins are useful for the muscle growth and immune support of the cat. Vitamins including A, D, E and K are essential for them as they support the physiological functions including vision, bone strength and cardiac function. Cats do not usually drink water, so it is important to include water in their daily nutrients so they stay hydrated or choose a meal which is high in moisture.

2. Safety and Shelter

Cats are very playful in nature and like to stay around places which make them feel safe and comfortable. If they are kept indoors, make sure that whatever is around them is not hazardous for them. Remove anything which can prove to be harmful for them and can hurt them.

If you take your cat outside, make sure they are in a safe environment which is free of anything dangerous. To keep your cat under control or monitor where it goes, it is essential to keep it on the harness of a leash.

3. Regular Veterinary Care

When you own a pet, the responsibility of its well-being is on you. You have to take care of every little detail related to them. It includes taking care of their medical needs as well. When adopting a cat, make sure that you have know what hereditary or genetic conditions they might have in future. Get them vaccinated on a regular basis so they are free from any possible viral diseases. Look for a reputed veterinarian and take your pet for regular checkup so you are able to monitor their health condition. Keep a record of their health so if there is anything out of the ordinary, you are able to identify the changes and get them treated in time.

Do not wait for the condition to get worse if you ever notice something, instead get it treated as soon as possible before the condition gets worse. Their health condition do not just include their genetic or hereditary conditions, this includes their skin and dental conditions as well. Ensure that you take care of them and keep them safe.

4. Identification of the Pet

Always make sure that your pet is always wearing an identification, this can be in the form of a collar with the name tag and other information written on it. Or it can be a microchip inserted in their collar with the information of their breed, your name and your contact details so in case if the pet gets lost somewhere, they can be easily found. It can also be beneficial when you travel overseas with your pet and the authorities have to verify the pet information.

5. Litter Box

Cats are kind of pets which like to stay clean and tidy. Make sure that you put their litter box in an isolated place so they can use it freely and keep it clean. Scoop it on a daily basis and change the litter regularly so the pet feels relaxed and comfortable to use the litter box.

Specific breeds of cats may require specific type of litter so either research to get them the suitable litter box or experiment with them to understand the type of litter box which would be preferred by your cat.

6. Social Interaction

Cats are extremely adorable mammals. They like relationship in close proximity of their owner. You are advised to spend quality time with them and engage in play time activities which help in stimulating their mental and physical well-being. Since the cats are very social animals, you should also take them out for regular walks and socialize with other pet owners which own cats. Exposing the cats to various environments would allow them to be comfortable around strange and new place and people.

7. Scratching Posts

Cats have a natural instinct of scratching objects. The purpose of doing this is for the cats to mark their territory and establish ownership of a certain area. Cats have scent glands in their paws and by scratching things, they do not just mark their territory through scent but also visually.

This activity also increases the claw health of cats as it strengthens them. The cats stretch their muscles during this activity which allows them to flex their muscles and stay physically fit. This is also a way to release the tension and anxiety from their muscles. It allows them to cope up with stress and excitement.

So, In order to ensure well-being of your cat, provide them with toys or objects which they can scratch and release their anxiety or stress.

8. Grooming of the pet

Over time, the cat’s fur may develop hair balls so brush the fur regularly to ensure that they have a smooth and loose fur. How long and how many times it needs to be brushed depend on the breed of the cat and its hair length. If the hair on the fur is longer, you might have to spend long time brushing it and ensuring its cleanliness. However; if the fur is composed of small hair, you might have to spend less time to clean and brush it.

You can use a mat breaker for cat for their fur’s grooming as well. The purpose of the tool is to remove mat and tangles from the cat’s fur hair. If your cat has longer fur hair, then it may develop tangles and become knotted over time, it can be painful for the cat and stressful for you. So, in order to brush your cat’s fur smoothly, use a mat breaker for cats so that they have a comfortable brushing of fur experience. It is important to note that if your cat is not used to regular grooming, you would have to be very gentle and patient in using a mat breaker so it is comfortable for your cat. This action keeps your cat’s fur healthy and clean.

You should care for your cat’s dental health as well. Brush your cat’s teeth regularly and take them to a reputed pet dentist to advice you on how to take care of your pet’s teeth. Provide the cat with food items which may strengthen their teeth and gums. If your cat isn’t comfortable to brush the teeth, you can use the dental wipes as an alternative to ensure that your cat’s teeth are clean and healthy.

9. Enrichment

Provide your cat with toys, climbing structures or objects which may allow them to hide. This is a way for them to release the high energy they have stored in their body. It stimulates their physical and mental well-being and allows them to stay healthy and active. You can buy puzzles or rotating toys to engage your cat for mental stimulation.

10. Spaying / Neutering

If you wish to breed your cat and take care of it’s young ones but notice that your cat isn’t comfortable with such an act. Try using spaying and neutering, this can ensure your cat’s safety and keep them safe from any possible healthy issues or unwanted behavior which would increase their stress and anxiety.

11. Independence of the pet

Cats are moody animals and they like most of the independent time. While you plan some time to spend with them, ensure to provide the cats with some alone time to release their energy and anxiety by indulging in play with the toys you buy for them.

When you plan their bed and play activity area, provide a separate space for them which they consider their own territory and can feel relaxed and comfortable whenever they need to. Do not disrespect their privacy and let them have their free time in isolation as much as they want.

12. Environmental Enrichment

Cats love to have some visual stimulation. Make sure that wherever you plan their lone or play area, it should have access to windows and bird feeders so they can enjoy the visual stimulation as well. You can install cat-friendly plans and create window perches to entertain your cat.

If you are successful in keeping your cat happy and comfortable, it would lead to a healthy companionship between you and your cat. Take care of their individual preferences and try to adjust to their routine or make them habitual of your routine. You can find more details on well-being of pets by clicking on the following link: 

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