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Taking care of your pet is the ultimate requirement when you adopt one. You have to take out time for your pet and ensure that they are well settled. You always try to make them comfortable around the space they are in and the people they are surrounded with. It is important to act patiently if the puppy or your pet seems to be disturbed or become aggressive due to some reason. Monitor them closely and ensure that whatever you do is in the best interest of your pet. While bringing a pet to your household you are not bringing an animal, instead you are bringing another family member. Love them unconditionally and ensure that they are in a safe environment and are comfortable with whatever you have provided them and the lifestyle you are given them.

Taking Care of your PET

There are a lot of reasons why you should be extremely concerned about well-being of your pet. You should take care of them. Let’s look at a few reasons why they require so much attention and care:

1. Health and Well-being:

If you care for your pet, provide them with nutritious and healthy food and groom them properly, there is a high chance for your pet to live a healthy and comfortable life. You should take them regularly for veterinary checkups and monitor their health condition to ensure that they are living healthily and happily. Get them vaccinated whenever needed as prevention would keep them safe from any potential health issues and improve their well-being.

2. Companionship:

A lot of people adopt a people not because they need a guardian but because they need a companion by their side. Since this is a two-way relationship, while the pet stays healthy and happy, it would also strengthen the bonds between the owner and pet. This would lead to a strong and affectionate relationship as well.

3. Behavioral Issues:

You should always be careful about the type of training your dog requires. If it is a dog from a larger breed, it would require a lot of vigorous training and regular reinforcement to be taught basic manners. You should ensure that your pet understand the basic instructions and commands while keeping their composure and not responding aggressively. You should also take them out in new place so they learn to socialize and become comfortable around strange environments. This would make them relaxed if you ever take them to new place or meet new people. This would result in a happy and comfortable living environment and foster positive relationship between you and your pet.

4. Legal and Ethical Responsibility

There are a lot of places in the world where the legal and ethical standards are set by United Nations and local communities to follow regarding pet ownership. This includes providing a safe and clean environment to your pet, proving them comfortable shelter and nutritious food. It also concerns the medical care you provide to your pet. If an owner fails to concern any of the mentioned points, a legal action can be taken against them. It is considered that they do not take proper care of their pet and do not have a right to own a pet.

5. Prevention of Zoonotic Diseases

There are certain diseases which are transmitted from an animal to a human or even from a human to a pet. So, in order to avoid such situations, take proper care of your pet. Take them to a reputed veterinarian and make sure they are provided proper medical care. Maintain their health record and acquire any information available related to the pet regarding the genetic or hereditary diseases. This should be taken care of at the time to adoption and being careful about the pet’s medical condition can reduce the chances of the Zoonotic diseases’ transmission. This would keep the pet and the owner both strengthen their bond in a safe and caring environment.

6. Longevity

While you take proper care of your pet, give them properly balanced and healthy food. Give them clean and comfortable shelter and allow them to have a healthy environment. There is a high chance that your pet lives a longer life leading you to spend more quality time with your pet and allowing you to have a loving companion along side for a longer period of time. While you provide them with a safe and caring environment, it is also important to ensure that the pet is taken out for regular exercise and stretching so they are able to relax their muscles.

7. Emotional Benefits for Owners

Taking care of your pet is a two-way process, while you provide them with the love and care, you are also getting a lot of the same love and care in return. The owner and the pet start depending on each other emotionally. This can lead to reduced stress levels and positively affect the emotional and mental well-being of the owner as well as the pet.  This companionship and this affectionate relationship allow both the owner and the pet to enjoy a strong bond and relationship reducing loneliness and anxiety. This ensures that both the companions enjoy the strength of the relationship along with love.

8. Community Health

While you act as a responsible owner of a pet, it becomes an example for other pet owners to become more responsible. Take care of their pets and ensure a safe and caring community for the pets. It would lead to reduction in the number of stray dogs and cats in the community and would prevent the spread of diseases. The collaboration of pet owners in the community would allow the pets to become more well behaved and become sociable by interacting with a lot of people and different environments around them.

How to groom your pet dog?

Grooming your pet is an essential part of the pet care and well-being. You have to adopt a specific grooming routine for your pet to ensure they live a healthy and comfortable life. The more ways you adapt to groom your pet, the healthier and more relaxed your pet would be. Let’s look at a few ways and learn how to groom your pet dog:

I. Brushing

You should ensure to brush your dog’s coat / fur on a regular basis. This leads to less matting and reduces shedding of the coat as well. Be very gentle while brushing their coat as sometimes the dogs might have some skin problem or their skin might be sensitive. You can use grooming gloves which do not let your hand some in direct contact of the pet’s skin. This leads to safety of both pet and owner from transmitting any skin condition if present.

Use suitable products to brush the coat. You can use a metal dog comb which will be comfortable on the skin and would move flawlessly through the coat. You can also use slicker brush for curly haor on the coat or a bristle brush if the coat has short and smooth hair.

There Is another product called ‘undercoat rake’ which is designed especially for dogs which have thick undercoats. It easily removes loose hair and reduces shedding as well. If you have dog which sheds a lot of coat hair then use furminator or de-shedding tools which would reduce the shedding allowing it to reduce any chances of skin irritation.

II. Bathing

Look for suitable products to bathe your pet regularly. This would lead to a clean coat and would also reduce shedding. The clean coat would eliminate any chances of smell or odor. Use lukewarm water instead of extreme cold or extreme hot water as it would make the bathing experience more comfortable for the dog. Make sure to avoid the sensitive areas while shampooing including their eyes and ears so they do not get itchy or irritated. Once done, towel dry their coat and leave them in a place they feel warm. Do not forget to brush the coat after bathing, otherwise it would fluff up and would make the dog uncomfortable.

When you buy the shampoo for your dog, make sure it is mild an is suitable for your dog’s specific coat type. Do not use human shampoo on the dog as it would be extremely uncomfortable for them because it is not designed for the dog’s use.

If you wish to, you can also apply conditioner to your dog’s coat hair once done shampooing, this would make their coat look smoother and shinier. This is specifically suitable for dogs who have longer coat hair.

While choosing the product and applying it, do not forget to read instructions and cautions mentioned on the product. Ensure to take extra care as the pet’s safety is first priority. Check the ingredients and make sure that your dog is not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the making of the product being used.

III. Nail Trimming

This is one of the very important parts of the pet’s grooming. You should use pet specific nail clipper or grinders to make sure that your pet is comfortable with the product being used. Do not cut deep into the skin while cutting or trimming the nails to avoid bleeding. If you are unsure about how to trim the nails, you should either take them to a professional to take care of it or take guidance from someone. You can also take some training to ensure that you are the one providing regular grooming to your pet as this quality time spent together would increase the strength of your relationship.

While you choose a suitable product, you need to make sure that the product being used is suitable for your dog’s nail size and it doesn’t affect their comfort level.

IV. Ear Cleaning

Grooming includes ear cleaning for the pet just like it is important for humans. You should ensure to clean their ears and check for any redness or infection if they feel uncomfortable for getting it done. Make sure that the ears are free of dirt and wax as it can become itchy and make your pet become irritable and anxious.

Use specific ear cleaning tools which are especially designed for the pet. You can even use cotton ball but be cautious to not hurt them in the process of taking care of their well-being and grooming. Do not push the tool deep into the ear to avoid hurting the ear drum as it might lead to damaging their hearing. If by chance you hurt your pet during the process, take them to the veterinarian immediately and get them treated instead of making the condition worse.

Use the products which are according to the breed and size of your dog’s ear so the cleaning process is relaxing for the pet and yourself instead of being a burden.

V. Dental Care

Just like you brush your teeth everyday to ensure that you are healthy and your mouth doesn’t stink. Take care of your dog’s mouth and teeth as well. Brush their teeth regularly and use a comfortable product which is according to the dog’s teeth size, the softness should be mild so it doesn’t hurt their gums. Buy a toothpaste which is suitable for such pets. If you feel like your dog is having some trouble with the teeth, take them to a pet dentist and get them checked.

If you wish to increase strength of your dog’s teeth, provide them with snacks which would help to strengthen the jaw and gums leading to healthy teeth.

If you want your pet to develop a routine of grooming, make sure you have a well-planned grooming session on regular basis. This would make your pet habitual of staying clean and make them loveable and more sociable. Be alert and check for any signs of sickness or health issue with your pet, if you see or notice anything alarming, take immediate action and get medical attention. If your pet doesn’t adapt to the routine, it’s alright, just take some time out, relax yourself and act patiently.

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