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Tibetan Mastiff Price: and Lifetime Expenses

The Tibetan dog is a majestic and formidable breed which originates from Himalayan region. It stands as a symbol of strength, loyalty and protective instincts. It is known for its commanding presence and a thick double coat. The thick coat serves as a shield to protect this dog from harsh mountain climates.

The climate of Himalayan region has a range of climatic conditions which are from being subtropical warm to glacial cold. The Tibetan Mastiffs have evolved over time and conquered the extreme weather conditions with its thick double coat and have survived over time. The thick coat covering the skin of Tibetan Mastiff protects them from harsh weather conditions of Himalayas, both cold and warm. The undercoat keeps them warm in extreme cold and the outer coat makes them resistant to weather. This allowed them to embrace self-sufficiency, hence, making them independent and to adapt to the high altitude which led to increased lung capacity. The initial role of this majestic dog is to act as guardian for livestock which is due to their protective instincts. So, people adopted them to guard their livestock against dangerous animals or predators.

It was initially only found in Himalayan ranges and now is you can find these adorable species around the world wherever you want. If you wish to adopt a Tibetan Mastiff, then here is where you can find one:

  1. Tibet: If you observe the name of the dog closely, you would be able to understand that their origin is from Tibet. They were initially bred by Tibetan people to guard their livestock.

2. Himalayan Region: They are found in various countries in the Himalayan region including Nepal, Bhutan and several other parts of Northern India. They are often used as guardian dogs to provide protection to livestock in mountainous areas.

3. China: A particular breed of Tibetan Mastiff which is known as Chinese Tibetan Mastiffs are found around the boundaries of China which are shared with Tibet.

4. United States: Over the years, these pets have gained popularity in the various states of United States of America. They are often adopted by farm owners to protect their livestock from any particular danger.

5. Europe:

  1.  They are also popular in the European countries now. They are preferred to be kept as both working or companion dogs.

As it is available in various countries around the world and its global presence has increased with time. It is important to consider that this particular breed require extra care and grooming due to their size and temperament. Also, if something is ought to happen to these dogs, it can put your livestock in danger as well.

Where to find a Tibetan Mastiff?

If you are planning to adopt a Tibetan Mastiff for your livestock or as a working or companion dog, here is where you can find them.

Reputable Breeders: The best option to adopt a Tibetan Mastiff from is to find a reputable breeder around you. Adopt a puppy and look for its relevant information including its breeding, the health conditions, any genetic issues or hereditary conditions. Make sure that the breeder follows ethical means to grow the dog breed.

Rescue Organizations: You might also want to look for local rescue organizations in yours or a nearby area. These organizations focus on rescuing Tibetan Mastiffs who have been abandoned or in a dire need to be saved. You can search for these organizations online or contact the local animals’ shelter who are focused on this purpose.

Breeding Clubs: Breeding clubs are group of people interested in breeding processes forming a community. These communities can help you to find the best and most reputable organizations in the area to adopt the Tibetan Mastiff. If you cannot find one around you or someone in your contacts, its better to look for these clubs using social media and join them. Share your requirements of your ideology and become part of these communities.

Animal Shelters and Rescues: The animal shelters usually have mixed breeds or other breed dogs available. However; it is not impossible for you to find the Tibetan Mastiff of your choice. It is better to search to keep looking into these organizations when you want to adopt one until you find the dog of your choice.

Out of all the options, the best one would be to adopt a homeless dog and rehome them. Provide them with the care and love they need and should be given as a living organism. Develop a bond with them and provide them with a comfortable and safe environment.

What are the specifications of a Tibetan Mastiff?

A Tibetan Mastiff is an adorable guard dog or a companion dog, whichever your preference is. Its is so cute that you would fall in love with it when you first see them.  They have specifications related to their size, coat, their tail shape and their build. Let’s have a closer look at each of these characteristics:

Size of Tibetan Mastiff:

The Tibetan Mastiff are considered to be one of the largest breeds of dogs available. The male dog grows up to 28 inches tall which is about 71 cm at the shoulders. Their weight can range from 90 – 150 pounds which is 41 – 68 kg. Female dogs are slightly smaller than their male partners. They grow up to 26inches, i.e., 66 cm tall. The ideal weight of a female dog is about 70 – 120 pounds which is about 54 kg.


Tibetan Mastiff has thick coat which provide insulation against cold and extreme warm weather. The fur comes in various colors including black, brown, gold and grayish. Their appearance becomes interesting with the addition of a mane around their neck.


The Tibetan Mastiff look elegant and gentle with a curled tail which goes over their back.


They have a large, skull along with the face which makes it look similar to a lion. They have medium sized eyes which may be brown or amber in color, making it appear more adorable. Their ears are V-shaped and are found hanging close to the head.


The dogs have a long and powerful muzzle with a prominent black nose. This makes it have a characteristic appearing more like a lion which goes from their neck to shoulders.


These are massive beings. They have strong well-built muscles and appear to be huge or larger as compared to other dog types. They have a rectangular body and have a broad chest.

Legs & Feet

They have strong bone structure and have long sturdy legs along with large and cat like well-arched toes.  


Their expressions have a solemn and watchful expression. This in turn reflects their protective nature.


The Tibetan Mastiff have dewclaws on their hind legs. These are adaptations for increased stability on the steep rocky path of mountains.

What to expect while adopting a Tibetan Mastiff?

If you are planning to adopt a Tibetan Mastiff, then you should look for a reputable organization or breeding clubs. You should inquire if the dogs are grown through ethical means and have been provided hygienic environment. Before adopting the Tibetan Mastiff, you need to prepare yourself, for these preparations, here are a few things which you need to keep in mind.

I. Loyalty and Protective instincts

These dogs as they are known for their guardian characteristics or protective instincts. They are extremely loyal towards owners and their families.  Even if they are very close to their owners and the people around them, they become reserved around strangers and strange environments. They do not easily adapt to the new environment easily and comfortably.

II. Power and Strength

These are powerful and strong breeds which is why they are supposed to be provided proper training and control. They should be trained from the time they are born or are young to ensure that they learn the basic manners. Since they have a lot of strength, it becomes hard to manage them if they are not trained in time and properly.

III. Training Challenges

As mentioned above, they have a lot of strength and since they are guardian dogs, they have an independent thinking process. They have strong will and due to this it becomes a challenge to train them as per our own requirement. They may become stubborn while being trained, so to avoid the conflict it is better to have patience if you wish to make them well behaved.

IV. Exercise and Space

Due to their large size, these dogs require a lot of exercise and physical space to move around. Keep them in a place which has ample space for them to stretch, relax and have a sense of belonging. If you live in a small space, it might be a challenge for you to accommodate this specific breed. So, it is advised to adopt them only if you have enough space to allocate to them specifically.

V. Grooming and Care

These dogs do not usually shed their fur, however; during the seasonal changes they may shed some coat. As it has long and double coat, it requires a lot of care and grooming. Get it trimmed regularly and keep it clean. Brush it everyday to avoid matting and maintaining the coat.

VI. Healthcare Requirements

As this dog breed is larger in size, it may become prone to health issues easily.  It is advised to take them to a reputable veterinarian for regular checkups to monitor their health condition. Maintain their health records and get them vaccinated as and when required.

VII. Socialization

This breed of Tibetan Mastiff is very comfortable in known environments. It has a gentle and playful nature around the known faces and environment. However; it is a challenge for them to deal with new or strange people, atmosphere or situations. They may become aggressive overly protective which might feel inappropriate. Take them to new environments to make them comfortable around new places from a young age.

VIII. Living Conditions

The Tibetan Mastiff have strong territorial nature which makes them feel like they own the place where they reside. Along with this, their large size also requires them to be put into very comfortable place. It Is best to keep them in an open space including a farm yard with fence to keep it safe. It can also be placed in a home with a secure yard. They thrive in colder climates but adapt to the mild temperatures so provide them safety when it is extremely warm.

IX. Cost of Ownership

There is a significantly high cost in owning / adopting a Tibetan Mastiff. Due to their large size and needs specific to their breed, their maintenance is costly. This includes their food, their training, medical expenses, grooming and suitable living conditions.

X. Guardian Instincts

These Tibetan Mastiffs are usually used as guard dogs due to which they have strong instinct to protect their territory. This might be beneficial for you if you are looking for a guard dog, however; it can be a huge problem for you as well since it may not be welcoming for strangers or new people.

If you are interested to adopt any other dog type, I would advice you to click here and find out more 

Pricing of Tibetan Mastiff

Are you wondering about the Tibetan Mastiff Price? Well while you plan to adopt a Tibetan Mastiff, the price may vary on the type of breed or the specifications of the breed. The price also depends on several other factors like:

  • Dog’s age
  • Lineage
  • Health
  • Genetics
  • Prior Training

General cost to adopt one is as follows:

Adoption Fee: If you are choosing to adopt the dog from a reputable organization or a shelter, you would have to pay adoption fee. This fee may range from $100 to $500 depending on the type of conditions the dog was kept in.

Purchasing from Breeder:  If you are purchasing the dog from a professional breeder, it may cost you a higher price. The average cost would be ranging from $1000 – $4000 for a puppy. It can even go to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the reputation of the breeder.

Additional costs: These are the costs of maintenance that includes their food, specific living conditions, their veterinary care, medical expenses, vaccinations, their grooming and care along with training expenses. To learn about other costs, click here 

Adoption of a Tibetan Mastiff comes with a huge maintenance cost and a lot of responsibility and care. You have to take care of a lot of specific needs of the breed to keep it healthy and growing. They are popular for their beauty, loyalty, guarding instincts, their companionship. With the proper training and care, the relationship can become a fruitful one and you may enjoy a strong with your guard / companion dog. Before adopting a Tibetan Mastiff, it is advised again to do a lot of research. You should understand that you are signing up for a very demanding and extremely dedicated relationship. If you are interested in adopting cats, you might want to look at this .

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