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A Comprehensive Guide to Travel with Cat Litter Box

Its is a nature’s demand that every living organism needs a companion to survive. This companionship is not only for someone to do their chores or to provide for them. Most of the times, this companionship is needed for assuring you that someone is there for you. Someone is there for you to lean on and for there to provide support to you when you need the most. They are there to care for you and to be there emotionally and to ensure you that you are not alone. When you have a companion by you, you know there is a being to share your joy, to share your sorrow and someone in whom you would find solace in the times of distress. This companion is someone who understands your needs and knows when to react and how according to your moods. The times you spent with a companion are the ones where you mentally relax and disconnect yourself from the world around you. You only wish for that being to be by your side and they long for you while you always need them around you. When you have meaningful relationship with your companion including your friends, your family, your life partner and even your pet; you are lucky enough. You feel like growing productively and moving towards a positive path in your life which would only prove to be beneficial for your entire being. Whatever highs or lows you may face in your life; you know you have someone by your side to back you up.

Pets as companions

Most of the people in the world value the relationships with their family, friends and kids. They have people to look up to and care for. However; this article will be looking at another topic which is adopting pets as a companion. This might be surprising to know that there are so many people who prefer adopting a pet as companion. For them, the relationship is so beautiful and meaningful that it gives meaning to their lives and they cannot imagine to abandon their pet. Let’s look at a few reasons why people prefer to adopt pets as their companions:

1. Love & Acceptance

Relationships with your pets can be full of unconditional love and they accept you the way you are. They do not want to change you or want you to spend extra. They just be your companion without expectations and complexities of a relationship.

2.Emotional Support

Pets are scientifically proven to be the best companions for emotional support. Their existence around you results in reduced stress, anxiety and loneliness. They also prove best solution to provide you comfort and help you keep calm during challenging times.

3.Companionship without Judgement

Human companions may become judgmental about you, your lifestyle, your living conditions or yourself. However; pets being a companion do not act like it. The companionship with your pet offers your relationship without complex social interactions.

4.Sense of Responsibility

While you care for your pet, a sense of responsibility is developed in you. The routine where you have to feed, walk and groom your pet provides you structure and purpose in life. It in turn contributes to your well-being and stimulates your pet’s mental condition as well.

5.Physical activity & Health benefits

While you take your pet out for a walk or play with them, it allows you to be more active throughout the time. You have to actively chase them or engage them in some playful activities which proves to be healthy for you as it builds your stamina.

6.Reducing isolated feeling

For those people who do not feel comfortable around a lot of people, having a pet as companion proves to be beneficial. You do not feel stressed about having someone reliable around you who is just there for you.

7.Enhancing social interactions

If you are not an anti-social person but do not find time to interact with a lot of people. The pets can become a source of interaction with other people while take your pet out for a walk or stroll. As you might be able to meet other people with the similar interests.

8.Reduced Stress

It is also scientifically proven that having a pet companion reduces your stress and anxiety. This happen while you pet your cat or the dog. The act releases a hormone in your body named as oxytocin which results in association and bonding leading to reduced stress levels. This in turn makes your lead a healthy life.

9.Sense of Security

Some people feel secure when they have their pets around them. This mostly happens when they have a dog as they are loyal and highly protective for their owners.

10.Unique Bond

This amazing bond shared between a pet and their owner is beyond words. It does not rely on words and communication. Instead, it is mostly dependent and nurtures based on the gestures, body language and shared experiences. The longer the bond, the most strengthened relationship it is.

CAT as a Pet

In this article, we would be further talking about one of the most beautiful relationship a human can have. This relationship is the companionship with their pet. Whatever pet you adopt for your family, out of all, the bond that you enjoy the most and the one which Is most rewarding is with a domestic cat. These adorable beings are known for their independent spirit and graceful demeanor. The cats being kept as pets have gained love and captivated hearts of countless humans around the world. Whether you think of the cat as a playmate, just a companion or a silent observer existing around you in your daily life. The cats do not fail to amaze you with their sensible response to certain situations and their lovely blend of affection and entertainment which is embedded in their nature by default.

While you plan to adopt a cat as a pet, you should ensure that you are prepared to have a more reliable companion. Having a cat as companion doesn’t just mean that it would be there just for you but you would have to be there for the cat too. They can be gentle most of the times but can be moody too since they are extremely sensible beings. Due to their mood swings, you cannot leave them behind under someone else’s care, it is best to take them along with you wherever you go. Let’s prepare you for travelling with your companion, the cat. The must haves you should possess are carrier, nutritious items, their medical kit, harness and the most important of all is that you should travel with cat litter box. The details of each of the essentials are mentioned below for you to consider:

a) Carrier

To buy the appropriately sized carrier, you should take your pet to the shop and get one which is most comfortable. A carrier which fits the cat perfectly and allows it to be most comfortable. The cat should be able to stand, turn around and lie down easily in the carrier. It should be well ventilated and secure too so nothing proves to be a hazard for the pet.

b) Identification

When moving to a new place, your pet should have an identification on its collar or some visible place. The benefit for this is that for some reason your pet gets lost, the identification containing your contact information would help people to contact you. It would be more convenient to know who the cat belongs to as well.

c) Medical Record

You should carry the medical record of your cat along while travelling as well. The record should contain its regular checkups and feedback from the veterinarian. The cat’s vaccination record should be there in the medical file as well, just in case the destination management would want to look at it. You should also carry any necessary permits or certificates required for the cat to travel along.

d) Comfort Items

The cat’s being one of the moody pets may react aggressively or become uncomfortable easily. They might get upset with strange environments as well. So, to make them feel comfortable around the environment, make sure to being along their favorite toys, blanket or pillow. You can also bring along a piece of clothing which belongs to you for a sense of familiarity for the cat. You should also carry their carrier cover and the towel that belongs to the cat.

e) Nutritious requirements

As cat’s do not like a lot of changes in their environment, it is essential to be careful about their preference in food. Carry their preferred food along while travelling and make sure to pack enough quantity. It is highly recommended to pack extra food for the cat, just in case the trip is delayed. Carry their preferred bowl and utensils too to feed them in familiar items. Also ensure to keep fresh water with you and feed it to your cat from time to time to keep it hydrated.

f) Litter box and waste plastic bags

Cat being an animal is trained for the washroom use. However; while you are travelling, mishaps are bound to happen. So, to avoid embarrassment and to prepare yourself in advance it is recommended to carry a travel size litter box along which can easily fit into the space in your car. The cat should know that it is only allowed to litter around in the box and not anywhere else. You can even try to carry portable litter boxes with you so you won’t have to care about the cleaning on the way and discard a litter box once it has been used.

Do not forget to carry waste disposable plastic bags to dispose off any waste which is produced by your cat along the journey.

g) Grooming Essentials

While travelling, if you plan to spend a little longer wherever you are headed. Pack the grooming essentials for your cat which should include their bathing soap, shampoo, their brush and nail clippers. Do not forget to brush their cat to prevent flattening it. Make sure that your cat stay neat and clean to have an enjoyable travelling experience alongside you.

h) Medical First Aid Kit

Just to be on the safer side and on a precautionary base, carry a first aid kit with the essential items with you. It should contain antiseptic, band-aids, bandages and important basic medication which might be required on the way. If your cat is suffering from any short or long-term sickness, do not forget to pack their medication in an adequate amount to avoid any problems.

i) Travel Leash or Harness

If you wish to travel in an open space or move around in an area which is not very secure, make sure to keep a leash or harness with you. Keep your cat on leash or harness so it stays close to you while you enjoy along side your companion pet. This would ensure that your pet stays safe from any dangers or hazards and you are moving around comfortably. While you buy a leash or harness, it is important to make sure that it fits the cat perfectly and doesn’t make it uneasy.

j) Car Seat Cover

Cat is a furry animal and its coat sometimes sheds a lot of hair. It also likes to scratch the place which she likes. So, to avoid any accidents while the cat tries play with your car seat leather and to make sure that the hair does not fall off on the seat, carry a car seat cover. Make sure that the car seat is secured properly so it doesn’t get dirty for some reason.

k) Window shades

Cats feel quite uncomfortable if placed in direct sunlight if they are willing to have a sunbath. So, to protect your cat from unwanted heat and sunlight, cover the car’s windows with the shades or screens so the cat an enjoy a comfortable journey.

Cats being around as a companion pet makes your life comfortable and entertaining. You become extremely cheerful and start enjoying every bit of it, so just in case you are planning to adopt a cat do not waste your time just thinking. Whenever you wish to travel with the cat, do not forget to travel with cat litter box, it makes the journey more convenient. If you want to learn more about pet-friendly adventures, click on the link or if you only want to collect some more information for pet travel then you can visit the following link: 

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