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Kangal Dog Price. Characteristics, Life Expectancy, and More

Kangal Dog Price


kangal dogs are known as the livestock guardian dogs since they are used for protection and guarding the livestock. They are found in Kangal district of Sivas province in Turkey and are professionally trained for the purpose of providing the security to livestock animals. The livestock animals which are usually
protected by these Kangal dogs include sheep, goats, cattle, poultry and others like horses and camels
depending on the type of livestock needed to be guarded.

Since they are so dependable to guard the animals which are categorized as livestock, they are also exported to other countries where such livestock
animals are endangered or are found in large quantities. Some of the countries where they are exported
from Turkey to are North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa and a few other districts of Kangal.
To acquire these specially trained Kangal dogs, it is important for the owners to obtain licenses to import
and use their services to use as livestock guardians.

Appearance Kangal Dog Price:

Here are a few tips to help you to recognize these livestock guardian pets:
a. They have a thick coat which protects them in extreme cold and hot weather. It also protects them
while they are guarding the livestock under various conditions.
b. The most common colors which are found in Kangal dogs are fawn and tan. Some of them might
have a variation of having a black color on their face extending to their ears and some might have
a patch or two or white color on their fur.
c. Their eyes usually appear dark brown with a black rim. The eyes normally reflect intelligence and
their calm attitude.
d. Their medium sized ears are close to the face hanging on each side.
e. Their muzzle and nose mostly appear to be black in color.

f. As they are large and powerful beings, the adult male dogs are expected to grow up to 30 – 32
inches in height and the weigh up to 110 – 145 pounds. Females are normally smaller than this

These livestock protective animals have specific characteristics which make them more dependable and
suited for the job of securing the livestock animals. Some of the important characteristics are:

Characteristics Kangal Dog Price:

  • Physique and structure: They have a large build and are larger than other dog breeds. They are
    considered one of the powerful breeds of dogs available in Turkey. For this reason, these
    livestock guard dogs are not to be kept in houses or small apartment but are suggested to be kept
    in open barns or such areas where they have ample space to move around.
  • Activity Level: As the dogs have a bigger built, they require a lot of exercise and space to walk
    or move around to stimulate their physical and mental being. They have high energy levels which
    require regular vigorous exercise to allow them to grow healthy.
  • Temperament: These dogs have a strong sense of guarding or protection which doesn’t just stay
    focused on the livestock animals they are surrounded with. Instead, they usually become
    protective towards the humans they interact with. Due to this fact, they are provided proper
    training since an early stage of their life so they learn to socialize and guard as is expected of
  • Grooming: They are expected to be groomed properly and taken care of. Even though their fur
    has short hair which sheds over time so it is recommended to ensure that they are kept groomed
    and their fur is maintained properly.
  • Expert and Responsible Ownership: Since these dogs require higher maintenance, it is
    suggested to own these pets if you are ready to bare the financial cost of maintaining their
    lifestyle like taking care of their grooming, their medical care, their regular training and fulfill
    nutritious requirements.
    Due to the importance and effectiveness of their services, the Kangal dog prices have reached new heights
    over the past half decade. The price of a small puppy may range from $1000 to $2500 depending on the
    origin or its breeding and the type of the breed it belongs to as it highly affects the quality of their services
    and effectiveness. An adult dog’s price can depend on the size, its qualities and other factors which prove
    its effectiveness. A reputable breeder might demand a higher Kangal dog price they are breeding. A
    Kangal dog’s price depends on certain factors, some of which include:


As mentioned earlier, the demand of these livestock guardian has significantly
increased over the past half a decade. So, depending on the demand, the popularity has increased
as well especially in the areas where there is an increased demand.

Breeding practices and standards Kangal Dog Price:

Reputable breeders take extra care for the health and well-
being of their pets. They provide proper veterinary care, invest in the high-quality food and
provide them the safe and healthy environment along with basic training to be able to be proven
more effective.

Geographic Variation

If the person requiring a Kangal dog is residing in the area where they
are not common, the price is expected to increase as well.

Economic Factors

Since there is an increased inflation rate, the cost of the medical care, food
and training increases significantly eventually adding up to the overall price of the pet dog.

Pedigree and Lineage

The Kangal dogs belonging to high quality or exceptions bloodlines are
expected to be of higher price since they have those qualities which make them valuable.

  • Bonding time is very important, the more time they spend with each other in closer proximity,
    their relationship gets stronger. By doing this, they enjoy strong understanding with each other.
  • It is important for the owners to train the dogs themselves to allow them to become habitual of listening to their commands and be well behaved.
  • They should socialize together in the surrounding environment to increase familiarity.
  • Trust is built between the owner and the dog when they entrust their livestock in the care of this pet to keep them secure from other strangers and animals.
  • The Kangal dogs are known for their loyalty and protective nature towards their livestock and the owners. So, the deeper the bond and trust, the healthier the relationship between the two. These dogs prove to be great companions for their human partners or owners.

Relationship between the owners and these dogs

Maintenance of a Kangal Dog Price

It is important to notice that owning a Kangal dog doesn’t only mean to use its services as a guardian but
they are required to be taken care of properly, there are specific food requirements for their healthy
survival, their veterinary care and other expenses including training should also be kept in mind. Let’s
learn a little about the type of care they need:

Food requirement Kangal Dog Price

It is recommended to feed these pets with high quality dog food which is high in nutrition and
adhere to their regular needs. The good should be:

  • Rich in proteins and should include meat-based products like chicken, beef, lamb etc.
    It should also include some food items rich in fats and carbohydrates which can be
    obtained through rice, potatoes and other grains.
  • Vitamins and Minerals can be provided through fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.
    By providing all of these variety of food items, it is important to be careful about the portion size
  • which is suitable to their need and can help them have their fill at a particular time. Fresh water
    should also be added to ensure that they stay hydrated considering their bigger built and vigorous
    physical exercises.

Veterinary Care

Veterinary care is very important when you own a healthy pet and since it is the livestock
guardian dog, the care should be of utmost priority. The veterinary care involves the following:

  • First and foremost, it is necessary to look for a reputable and trustworthy veterinarian
    who is expert in their field and can be trusted.
  • The pet should be taken for regular checkups to avoid any health issues
  • Like all other pets, it is necessary for them to receive the required vaccinations. This
    ensures that the dogs are safe from any infectious diseases and stay healthy.
  • All dogs are prone to catching parasites in and outside of their body. It is necessary to get
    them checked by the veterinarian to check for such parasites to prevent the dog from
    being infected.
  • The dog’s weight should be continuously monitored and managed to ensure they grow
  • Proper health records are expected to be maintained including their health records,
    treatments and any other health related information.


As mentioned previously in this article that these are livestock guardian pets, it is important for
them to be trained professionally so they are more valuable and are effective in their job. These
dog breeds are by default one of the most intelligent ones so with a little training they go through
a positive learning process and become more effective in their job of securing the livestock
animals. Their training includes the following:

  • Socializing is one of the important factors so they are exposed to the environment which
    includes people, other animals and all sorts of environment which allows them to be
    familiar with the world around them. This makes them more confident and allows them
    to adjust to their surrounding easily.
  • Basic manners are taught which include making them sit, stand, stay, come etc. These
    basic actions make them obedient and allow them to understand the task of listening to
    the command being given by humans around them.
  • They should be leash trained from an early stage of life so these powerful beings can be
    kept in control when needed and they feel comfortable being put on the leash.
  • They are required to be trained to be able to differentiate between the situations when
    their protective instincts need to be used and in which circumstances, they should relax.
    Exposing them to different types of such scenarios would help them to differentiate
    between the two and react accordingly when the need arises.
  • Reinforcement is important for all training types, so these little gestures should be
    considered and reinforced positively and not burdening the animal.
  • While training these beings, it is important to be patient and be consistent with your
  • It is important to guide them and supervise in the early stages when they start guarding
    the livestock so they can be monitored and kept in check.

Just like teaching a child, you have to act patiently, stay calm and respect their space. It is
important to treat these beings the same way to give them time and space to be able to learn from
early stage and to become expert in the job they are expected to do.
An average life span of these livestock guardian dogs is from 10 to 15 years if they are provided
with proper care, living conditions, veterinary care, nutrition and security. Other factors which
might affect their life span may include their genetics, environment, spaying and overall care
provided by their owners or health care providers. You can look for different dog breeds here on
this website.
A well maintained and trained Kangal dog is worth a huge sum which ensures that they become
more valuable. By considering the above factors, the reputable breeders allow their Kangal dog
prices to increase significantly which proves to be economically beneficial for them. These
Kangal dogs belong to an exceptional breed of dogs due to their loyalty, sense of security and
intelligence. With proper training and environment provided, they prove to be beneficial for the
livestock as well as their human companions which leads them to thrive in their role and
responsibility. Due to these facts, they prove to be a significant part of the Turkish Heritage. To
learn more about the Kangal dog breeds, you can visit the following link:

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