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Lickable Dog Treats: A Tasty Delight for Your Pup’s Palate!

A treat is something that gives you happiness, makes you feel rewarded and makes you feel valued. You know you are treated by someone when they appreciate you and your efforts for a particular thing. A treat is given by someone when they understand you and enjoy a specific bond with you. Before we dig deep into the topic, it is important to learn about the reasons why someone treats others:

a. Reward

You might be treated with something special as a reward normally because it makes you feel valued, happy and leads to pleasure. This can include something that you like to eat or taking you to some place you want to visit or even giving something to you as a present.

b. Surprise

It can be referred to as a surprise gift or a pleasant surprise. It may include something that you really wish to have. If might also include a particular thing you like and what makes you happy like flowers, chocolates etc.

c. Entertainment

A treat can also be a form of enjoyment while you visit a certain place. This can be a visit to a park, a favorite restaurant, going out for a movie or visit a favorite person’s place.

d. Special beverage or food item

Being treated also means someone is taking you out to treat you to a special delicious meal that you like or prefer most of the time. It can also be a snack instead of a proper meal.

When you have a companion who never makes you feel alone or empty. Who is always there for you no matter what and who has always supported you through thick or think. You feel like treating them and making them feel special. This is true for humans as well as your favorite pets who are a part of your family. In this article we will be talking about strengthening your bond with your pet dog while discussing how you can treat your favorite pet to a snack which they prefer. We will also look at how giving away these small treats can make your pet happy and being more affectionate towards you and your family.

WHY does you need to share treats with your pet dog?

When we talk about pets, the sole purpose for doing anything for your pet is to strengthen the bond between yourself and your pet. Increase the dependence on each other and rely on each other. Sometimes its only the owner and the pet enjoying several occasions, going to several hardships and even happy moments together. While all of these incidences being you and your pet closer, you should also keep in mind that every relation in the world is a give and take relationship. You always have to give something first to expect something in return. Here I am going to discuss a few reasons why you should treat your pet?

1. Rewards / Reinforcement:

Sometimes it is difficult to train your dog, especially if they belong to a certain breed which is stubborn while being intelligent as well. In this case, while your pet learns to follow instructions as taught, treating them to their favorite snack leads to positive reinforcement. The dog feels pride when treated for exhibiting good behavior and in expectation of getting more treats, they follow your instructions whole heartedly.

2. Bonding and Strengthening Relationship

If you share your treats with your pet, it doesn’t only allow you both to eventually have same choices. It also leads you to have a stronger bond with your pet dog. It shows your affection and increases positive association with your pet. Such situations lead to more quality time spent together leading the pet to become more dependent on you and happy with the companionship.

3. Increased Dental Health

Some treats are designed by companies to promote dental health. Such treats reduce plaque and tartar on the pet’s teeth leading them to be more hygienic. The dental health treats lead your dog to have healthy and clean gums and teeth. Strong teeth would allow dog to have more nutritious meals full of protein which would lead them to become healthier.

4. Triggering Mental Stimulation

A few of the dog breeds which are adopted as pets by families are extremely intelligent. Due to this fact they become easily bored, so its advised to provide them challenges. This advice means to get them puzzle or challenging toys which would lead to a treat in the end and would allow the dog to put in more effort in solving the puzzle in order to be rewarded by a treat in the end.

5. Training and Socialization

Treats can also prove to be fruitful in making your dog more social and training them as well. Passing treats to your dog and other pets during collaborative sessions in the pet community would allow them to be more social. They would become more connected to you and will listen to your commands while you try to train them with the help of a professional.

6. Occasional Pleasure

Just as mentioned at the start of the article, a treat means a celebration for a particular achievement. This can be the same for pet dogs. Celebrating their small achievements like learning a new trick, doing something different on a particular day, following more commands, celebrating their birthdays or special occasions. This ensures that your pet understands your values and comes close to you. The treat in these scenarios lead to more affectionate moments spent together leading to a strong bond and companionship.

It is very important to make your pet feel more previous when you can. However; whatever treat you wish to provide to your dog, you should first check if it is suitable for that particular breed. The treats should align with your dog’s health requirements and ensure that it doesn’t have a negative impact on their health or your relationship.

Variety of treats available for Dogs

If you go out into the market in search of a suitable and most favored dog treat available, you would find a lot of options. The treats are available in a lot of flavors and different forms for multiple purposes. Before you choose a particular treat for your dog, it is advised to pick something that is suitable for your dog’s size, their dietary needs and their health. Let’s have a look at a few of the most commonly found dog treats:

a. Biscuits & Cookies:

These are yummy and crunchy treats which are available in various sizes and flavors in the market. These treats are beneficial for the dental health of your pet dog as they help in reducing the plaque and tartar.

b. Soft Treats

Since they are soft, they are extremely chewy but they are easily broken down into smaller pieces by chewing. These soft treats are available in variety of flavors and are most preferred treat while training your pet dog.

c. Jerky Treats

These treats are one of the most favorite among all the treats for dogs. They are made by drying meat and are very yummy. While picking up the dog treat, make sure to confirm if it is made up of high-quality ingredients and is free from any additives.

d. Dental Chews

These specific treats are designed to provide strength to the dog’s teeth and gums. These lead to the reduced plaque on the teeth and freshens up breath. Some of these treats have the texture which easily fits according to their jaw size making it more convenient for the dog to eat.

e. Freeze-Dried Treats

This type of treat is made by drying up the ingredients of the treat. It removes moisture from the treat leading it to become completely dry while it preserves its nutrients and flavors. The most preferred material used to make these treats is single portion of meat or fruit.

f. Vegetables and Fruits

Some dog breeds prefer to be treated with their favorite fruit or vegetable. These include apple slices; carrot sticks and blueberries. You should first look into the list of vegetables and fruits which are suitable for your dog’s health and doesn’t prove to be a hazard for them.

g. Puzzle Treats

Such treats are stuffed into toys and puzzle feeders. This encourages mental stimulation and problem-solving skills among your dog.

h. Homemade Treats

If you are worried about your dog’s health condition then you can even try making your own treats at home. If you do not know any recipe, you can search on the internet to choose dog friendly recipes. This allow you to control the amount of each ingredient added to the treat and would be made considering your dog’s health.

i. Specialized Treats

Just like human rely on vitamins and regular use of several minerals on regular basis. Some of the treats for dog’s are specially designed by keeping in mind specific needs of body like joints, skin and coat conditions and digestive issues.

j. Rawhide Treats

Rawhide treats are a type of chewy treats for dogs which are made from the inner layer or cow or horse hides. The hides are cleaned, then cut and flavors are added to make them appealing for the dogs. These are tough chewing treats and long – lasting due to their stiffness which makes it more enjoyable while the dog licks it for a longer time.

Some of the treats which are designed for dogs are lickable as well. As they are easy to be consumed, they are mostly preferred by small breeds and a liked by them most of the time.  Let’s have a look at some of the most commonly used lickable dog treats:

i. Peanut butter

A lot of dogs like the flavor of peanut butter and it is used as the most common lickable dog treat. If you go out to pet stores, you would be able to find some of these peanut butters treat especially designed to cater to a dog’s palette. You can find salted and even unsalted or plain peanut butter.

ii. Cheese spread

You can even find some dog-friendly cheese spreads available in the market. They are designed specifically for the dogs so they are suitable for them to consume. These spreads can even be used to spread on toys or given to the dog as a separate treat. It works wonders when used as a regular reward or treat.

iii. Yogurt

There are a variety of yogurt available in the market. These include plain, sweetened and non-sweetened yogurts. They are tasty and prove to be healthy for the dog as it contain probiotics which prove to be beneficial for the dog’s digestive system.

iv. Baby food

You might be able to find some baby foods which are mostly liked by dogs. The most popular ones are those which have meat flavors without addition of onions and garlic.  Before buying one, you are advised to look at the list of ingredients to make sure that it doesn’t contain harmful substances.

v. Canned Pumpkin

One of the tastiest treats for dogs is the plain canned pumpkin. It is safe for dogs to consume and it is a good source of fiber for the dog.

vi. Dog-specific lickable Treats

There are so many pet stores in the market which keep specially designed treats for dogs which are available in various flavors. You can look for a particular dog treat which you think your dog would prefer and choose from the available options.

vii. Homemade Broths

If you are more concerned about your dog’s health and the quality of the treat they consume. You can even choose to make your own homemade broth using dog-friendly and dog-safe ingredients. Such treats can be made to be readily available for your dog and is hygienic as well.

Whatever ways you use to reward your pet, among them giving them treat is the most common and popular one. It encourages your pet to react in your desired manner and can also help you to strengthen your relationship with your dog over time. If you want to learn about more products to offer to your pet, you can use this link to explore more 

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